Dog Company


Formed in 2004, Dallas-based Dog Company is one of the most underrated bands, as well as one of the hardest working. The band is fronted by Joe Blow from the legendary Staggers and Riot Squad, pulling from the cream of the local talent pool with Garrett (Residuals, Wayward Boys), Shea (Wayward Boys), and Ron Riot (Riot Squad). Trained in outlaw country, bred on 80s punk, and inspired by classic Oi!, Dog Company continues the proud Texas punk tradition with driving Southern guitar, twangy vocals, and dogma-free political lyrics mixed in with songs about every day life.

Releases: "Songs of Discontent" (Slab-O-Wax, 2008), "A Bullet for Every Lie" (Contra, 2010), Split with Strongbow (Blackhole & Contra, 2012)

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