Nothing Sacred EP Pressing Issues Posted 17 Jan 2016

We refuse to release anything that doesn't meet our standards. That's why when we received The Broadsiders Nothing Sacred EP from the vinyl pressing plant and did our quality check, and 50% of the records were fucked up, we sent them back. For any labels or bands that self press, feel free to message us directly and we can give you the info on exactly who NOT to use.

The good news is that we just placed another order with a different plant with a long history of high quality. We'll announce the details this week.

New items! Posted 03 Jun 2014

After a long weekend in Chicago, we've still got some new Broadsiders shirts left made especially for the Midwest Live n Loud fest (click here) .  We also designed up an awesome limited run of some Dallas pride shirts - check 'em out!   And since we didn't ever actually announce the Dog Company album hitting the store on here it is in all it's glory - the reviews have been nothing less than stellar!.