Dog Company - War Stories 10" CAD002

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DOG COMPANY's latest album "WAR STORIES" is now shipping, brought to you by ::CADRE:: and Rebel Sound Records! An mp3 download will be sent by email right after purchase. Available in yellow, green, black, all with or without CD (and CD only!).

For the last 10 years, DOG COMPANY has put their proverbial nose to the grind stone, continuing to pump out instant classics through the highs and lows of the Dallas scene. Fronted by Joe Blow from the legendary STAGGERS and RIOT SQUAD, DOG COMPANY decries the "ever increasing mediocrity of punk rock" and never compromises.

Trained in outlaw country, bred on 80s punk, and inspired by classic Oi!, DOG COMPANY continues the proud Texas punk tradition with driving Southern guitar, twangy vocals, and dogma-free political lyrics woven with songs about every day life. Check out the band page at

Pressing Information

8 tracks released on 10" vinyl at 45rpm. Available in Olive Green, Mustard Yellow, and black in a gatefold jacket with a CD. A gray version is also available only at Rebel Sound Records. CD only orders are also available.