The Broadsiders - All Things Must End LP CAD005

This is it. The death knell of The Broadsiders. 10 years culminating in this one ballsy, influential album.

" will leave you amazed, flabbergasted and begging for more. A truly unique album indeed!...heavy riffing alike Thin Lizzy or Black Sabbath starts to kick in! Since I already previewed the album I knew what to expect, but the combination of their thunderous, old school sound with that electrifying hard rock of the 70’s I grew up with through my dad is just pure awesomeness to me! It makes me fired up, while the endings of “Conquest” (violin) and “Lazarus” (acoustic guitars) are a beautiful silence within the storm. A storm that peaks with “Tip Of The Spear” and “Executioner”. " -

Pressing Information

106 Red/Bone with Blue Splatter
109 Clear/Gold with Yellow/White Splatter
102 Red/Gold
095 Red/Beer with Black Splatter
109 Black